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How We Started

As a mother of two young children, I had really forgotten what “self-care” meant.  Once my children had grown older and gained independence, I made time for reflection and realized that self-care for me was creating an environment to do what I was passionate about.  In 2018, I was finally able to devote some time to foster that passion by developing a line that I could be proud of. I wanted to create a company that could offer quality hand made products, using only natural ingredients. 

I formulated the Magnesium Body Cream with 300mg of Organic Full Spectrum CBD and planned on testing it out on myself first. I had suffered with severe anxiety my entire life, which had translated physically to lack of sleep, poor concentration, heart palpitations and IBS. It was remarkable. Within half an hour, I felt a noticeable difference. My blood pressure lowered, and I wasn’t easily agitated anymore. I had a wonderful night’s sleep that evening. 

I spent the following two years vigorously testing and perfecting all of my formulas. And today, I’m proud to offer these unique products to you and your loved ones. 

CBD Mind and Body Products